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Be Green Solutions – Case Studies

Wall split system coil remediation

Home / Coil-cleaner / Coil-treatment

The objective of the trial was the assessment of bacteria and mould levels of the air conditioner before and after coil remediation to demonstrate the effectiveness of AerisGuard™ in reducing contaminant levels. Coil airflow and temperature was also measured to assess heat exchanger performance.

Office building coil remediation

Office / Coil-cleaner / Coil-treatment

Loggers were installed prior to December 2014 and data was collected to establish a parameter base line for the AHU trial. On January 2015 the AHU coil was remediated with AerisGuard antimicrobial enzymatic cleaner followed by application of AerisGuard protection and polymer coating.

Global Food Service Supplier Aeris treatment

Cool room / Coil-cleaner & treatment

As quality is a major value of this food supplier company, they were already traditionally maintaining their refrigeration systems when they received an Aeris Hygiene Services recommendation and as a result they were very interested to see whether an AerisGuard remediation would improve their cool room efficiency.

Multi-enzymatic sanitising of hospital water cooling tower

Hospital / Cooling tower cleaner

Pathogenic micro-organisms are of concern in water cooling towers. The bacteria mostly survive within Bio-films and Bio-burden. The objective of this water field trial was the removal of the Bio-film/Bio-burden present in the water cooling tower circuit and assessment of the effect of the Bio-film removal on compressor energy consumption.

Supermarket cool Room Coil remediation

Shop / Coil-cleaner / Coil-treatment

This refrigeration service company was keen to work with Aeris Technologies to find a solution for its clients’ biofilm and microbial slime related build-up on their forced draft cooler (FDC) units within their Cool Rooms. This study concerns the treatment of a Forced Draft Cooler unit in a Cool Room of one of the company’s clients.