Our Greener Solutions

General public is not always aware poor Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) can lead to a number of health effects from minor skin and eye irritations to asthma, allergies, respiratory complaints, headaches and suppression of the immune system. Lack of proper AC maintenance also impacts home electricity bills.

Building owners and asset managers understand that air conditioning and refrigeration can account up to 60% of a business’ electricity consumption plus a significant proportion of capital investment and maintenance costs.

Not only does it make sound financial sense to optimize HVAC & R systems, but cleaner air also improves occupants health and well being, all with less impact on the environment.

Our methodology


Inspect and carry out a profile study of your existing equipment and installation.
Identify areas of improvement.


Propose comprehensive initiatives improving Indoor Air Quality, equipment maintenance or replacement, savings with cost benefits and payback analysis.


Implement long term Eco friendly maintenance solutions programs from training, installation to general maintenance.

Follow Up

Monitoring the maintenance program.
Educating and training consistently  professionals and individuals to Indoor Air Quality and Energy Efficiency

Our focus

Air Quality
What is at stake ?

Aircon is the largest surface in built environments that never gets cleaned at all or well. Concentration of toxic microbes in a non-maintained Air Con is high, and with every blow of cold air, billions of dangerous spores, allergens & toxins are sent to your throat and lungs.

Heat exchanges can quickly lose up to 80% system efficiency in normal operation because of airborne contaminants, leading to:

  • Higher running and maintenance costs
  • High humidity
  • Bad smell
  • Mold growth

AC becomes harmful then for occupants leading to a number of health effects.

Maintenance is usually entrusted to companies that are not always trained to use the right cleaning products.

  • Water & soap will clean visible deposits but won’t eliminate organic contaminants
  • Acidic & Alkaline cleaners are often used but they corrode aluminum irreversibly damaging the surface and creating multiple crevices for molds to infect the surface.They can be risky for human health as they are strongly irritating and can cause severe burns. Last, they are not environmentally friendly or biodegradable.
How we can help

A healthier & cleaner air using anti-microbial bioactive enzyme technology.

With “excellent proven results”, fully “Green” and  with completely naturally biodegradable.

Energy Efficiency
What is at stake ?

HVAC system represent a significant capital investment and are a major contributor to operating costs in commercial and residential facilities.

10 to 15% improvement in energy savings can be achieved by keeping cooling and refrigeration system free of biofilm, mould and fungus.

Appropriate performance maintenance is critical to ensure their reliability and efficient operation.

How we can help

Energy reduction – with an integrated approach to HVAC&R system optimisation.

Improve your equipment air flow by up to 35% with uge net energy savings.

Asset Sustainability
What is at stake ?

Poor maintenance practices not only can decrease equipment efficiency, but also its life expectancy.

Maintenance is usually entrusted to companies that are not always trained to use the right cleaning products or have a comprehensive approach to asset sustainability which are underestimated critical aspects.

How we can help
  • Cost savings– reduced operating costs, less maintenance and longer asset life.
  • Trusted performance– environmentally safe and OH&S compliant

Using bio enzyme reduces energy waste.

Asset management benefits:

  • Non-corrosive products and maintains the life of your air-condition system
  • Long term protection against environmental corrosion
  • Environmentally friendly: 100% biodegradable and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.