Chiller services

We provide services to help chiller system maintain maximum operational efficiency, while bringing details of the chiller operations and making recommendations based on practical measurement results and analysis.

Chiller Maintenance

Not only does maintenance maintain the normal operation for chiller, but it also helps determine status, predicts factors that may affect chiller operation, and submits recommendations.

Eddy Current Test

Eddy Current Test (ECT), which is a nondestructive testing method, is applied to find crack, leak, erosion, and corrosion on both inside and outside of non-ferrous tubes.

Oil Analysis

Oil analysis checks the physical-chemical properties of oil such as viscosity, moisture, … and determines the amount of wear metal from operation of the chiller.

Thermal Insulation

Thermal insulation is one of the important components of chiller. Although insulating is simple, good insulation contributes to reduce system operating and repair costs.